Multicom CEO Criticises Plans to Devolve Air Passenger Duty Powers

The plans to include the ability to abolish Air Passenger Duty (APD) in the bundle of devolved powers for Scotland have been criticised by Multicom chief executive John Howell.

A long time critic of APD Howell fears the proposals of the Smith Commission could be damaging for regional airports in the north of England.

Howell also slammed the announcement today by the Chancellor in his Autumn statement to scrap APD on flights from across the UK for children under 12 from May 2015 and for under 16s the following year.

“Any argument to retain APD in England is undermined if powers to scrap APD can be devolved and enacted in the future for Scotland,” said Howell. “This is a bad tax that damages the UK economy and hampers growth.

“Additionally plans to scrap APD for children under 12 throughout the UK from next May then the rationale for retaining any form of APD in England is totally destroyed.

“The case for maintaining APD has been dealt a killer blow, now is the time to let it die with dignity!” concluded Howell.

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