Multicom Reveal New Supplier with the Unveiling of Magic Rooms

Multicom has revealed a new supplier to FindandBook with the unveiling of the recently launched accommodation provider Magic Rooms to its growing options for the trade.

Offering initially a selection of short haul beach properties ranging in quality from two to five stars the independent business-to-business bed bank is also aiming to add long haul and city hotels to its portfolio later in the year.

Integration into FindandBook, the market leading travel aggregation interface in the UK, provides Magic Rooms with a valuable additional distribution channel as it looks to establish its presence with agents.

Multicom Managing Director John Howell said: “Expanding our offer to agents with the integration of Magic Rooms further underpins our commitment to greater choice for our customers.

“Equally, Magic Rooms recognised the benefits to establishing their business by working with ourselves and being available on FindandBook.”

Magic Rooms Head of Sales Peter Davies added: “Establishing Magic Rooms with the trade requires strong distribution and with FindandBook we know we are featured on a platform used by a large amount of UK travel agents.

”We’re delighted to be working with Multicom and are confident with their support we can cement our place in the market.”


Multicom supports the campaign to determine the impact of APD on holidaymakers

Multicom has been innovating and delivering software solutions to the UK travel industry for over 20 years.

Multicom delivers a range of products and services to its customers that significantly increase travel business efficiencies and offer the widest range of travel related products that include; flights, accommodation, packages, car hire, trains, insurance and many others.
Multicom’s FindandBook™ service is the leading travel aggregation interface used by many Tour Operators and Travel Agents including Thomas Cook, Tui and Easyjet.

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