Powersearch Delivers Fast and More Accurate Search Results to Give Tui Uk & Ireland a Cutting Edge

Multicom has completed a sophisticated, major project for leading UK holiday company TUI UK & Ireland, delivering an integrated solution utilising three of its flagship products.

Designed to improve the customers’ experience by delivering faster and more accurate searches as well as giving greater choice and flexibility by offering a variety of flying options through third party airlines, were all key elements that Multicom has delivered.

The Bristol-based company won the contract following an extensive tendering process from a high quality field of technology businesses

Multicom Chief Executive John Howell said: “Utilising the speed and accuracy of PowerSearch’s caching export solution allows for cached price accuracy that is very close to live pricing to be exported and integrated into TUI UK & Ireland’s systems to provide impressive response times.

“The system provides really accurate data which ultimately is the key to the final outcome for the end user.”

Essential to the solution to allow the introduction of offering flights on third party airlines into TUI UK & Ireland’s programme was the integration of Multicom’s market leading travel agent software platform FindandBook.

“Utilising third party flights opens a whole new dimension for our programme,” explains Greg Saunders, Project Manager for TUI UK & Ireland. “The more regional airports and airlines that we are able to offer to customers, together with holidays of varying durations, gives them greater choice and flexibility in selecting the holiday that best matches their needs.”

Completing the project, the addition of Multicom’s payment system MultiCommerce provides TUI UK & Ireland with the ability of paying third party carriers at the time of booking and manually create virtual cards for booking amendments to aid financial reconciliation.

Howell added:” This has been a very collaborative project with both TUI & Ireland and ourselves working very closely throughout to ensure we could achieve what they wanted, that we remained flexible to their requirements to deliver what the market wanted and we maintained momentum to achieve the end result.

Saunders said: “Working closely together we have been able to develop a system that delivers what we set out to achieve and Multicom were able to tailor their services to match our requirements.

Multicom Business Development Manager Davide Polldori concluded: ”Delivering a fully integrated solution was one of the most sophisticated projects Multicom has ever undertaken.

“The solution provides TUI UK & Ireland with the best and most advanced technology available to deliver faster results and greater choice across all of its brands.“


Multicom has been innovating and delivering travel software solutions to the UK travel industry for over 20 years.

Multicom delivers a range of travel agent and tour operator products and services to its customers that significantly increase travel business efficiencies and offer the widest range of travel related products that include; flights, accommodation, packages, car hire, trains, insurance and many others.

Multicom’s FindandBook™ service is the leading travel technology aggregation interface used by many Tour Operators and Travel Agents including Thomas Cook, Tui and Easyjet.

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