Volcanic Ash Threat Could Lead to Meltdown for Agents

The threat of another volcanic eruption in Iceland could have led to another meltdown for travel agents travel technology software specialists Multicom has warned.
Icelandic officials lifted the threat of air travel disruption last week (29th August 2014) when the risk of an eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano was downgraded.
Meanwhile a strike by Italian air traffic controllers over the weekend led to the cancellation of around 30 flights into and out of the UK.
Multicom Managing Director John Howell said: “ A repeat of the problems we experienced when Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted in 2010, producing ash that disrupted air travel across Europe, could have caused chaos for travel agents.
“The cancellation of huge numbers of flights leaving thousands of passengers stranded and wanting details of alternative options is a huge headache for agents.
“Thankfully the disruption caused by the Italian air traffic controllers industrial action will have been minimal but nevertheless creates additional headaches for agents.”
Multicom say many of the problems associated with the reconciliation of cancelled flights can be managed much easier with its MultiCommerce virtual card payment system.
With its “single card per booking” system MultiCommerce makes it significantly easier for agents to track amendments and supplier refunds through the comprehensive reporting system.
“The single-use virtual card generated for every booking makes managing/processing refunds so much easier for agents when faced with a high volume of cancellations,” explained Howell.
“This is yet another benefit of MultiCommerce that many agents who had customer’s booked on flights that could have cancelled by a major volcanic disruption will recognise is a huge time saving for them,” he added.


Multicom supports the campaign to determine the impact of APD on holidaymakers

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