Paxport and Multicom have become one.

Now we have become ONE company acting under ONE brand – Paxport. Our technology centre will be based in Bristol, UK and our merchandising centre in Stockholm, Sweden.

PaxShop is an efficient, dynamic and user-friendly post-booking web shop for airlines and travel resellers, optimised to generate revenue from flight ancillaries and other services. Choose an outsourced solution or a plug-in version.

PaxShop automates the sales process in one single sales channel, without interfering with flight operations. We deliver added ancillary revenues rather than costly licenses and implementation projects: our clients have reached conversion rates up to 45% and €70 average order value.


  • Outsourced solution
  • Customer experience
  • Strengthen brand
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Ancillary services
  • Support of your choice

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