FindandBook Global travel marketplace

What is FindandBook?

High quality content

FindandBook is one of the global travel industry’s most popular content aggregation solution. It is currently used by more than 50% of ABTA-registered leisure agents and is the platform that powers hundreds of travel websites, allowing users to search, cost and book.

Over 220 integrated suppliers, including many of the biggest and best-known travel brands, provide FindandBook with a wide variety of travel content including flight, accommodation, package, cruise and ancillaries. The combination of integrated supplier and product choice ensures that you’ll be able to offer your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Technology you can rely on

The technology you choose should have the power and flexibility to support your business as it grows. FindandBook boasts a scalable and robust hardware/software architecture that supports:

  • 12 million searches per day
  • 3.5 million passengers booked each year
  • €1.4 billion gross sales annually
  • An incredible up-time of 99.95% per year

FindandBook is powered by our Kaleidoscope® framework.

Price accuracy

The incredible search volumes supported by FindandBook on a daily basis have a significant positive impact on the accuracy of prices returned by the system. This accurate pricing directly translates into customer confidence, leading to increased conversion and customer retention.

Excellent support

Our award-winning support team can help to answer any questions you may have about FindandBook and will keep you informed of changes and updates, service status or supplier availability. Extended support is available if required and our easy to use support interface helps you track every issue you raise.

In addition, our experienced account management team can advise on strategy and will make sure you are getting the best out of FindandBook.

Powerful mid-office functionality

A suite of mid-office tools allow you to precisely control every aspect of FindandBook. Our Customer Services interface monitors the performance and bookings made through your account and can provide you with valuable management information and business intelligence.

Inventory availability can be configured based on a range of business rules and you can adjust margins, mark-ups and commission. In addition to managing which content is available, you can also make amendments to the content, changing accommodation images or descriptions or standardising extras descriptions.


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