PowerSearch Fast & accurate searches

What is PowerSearch?

PowerSearch offers you a selection of tools specifically designed to increase the performance of your FindandBook account, focussing particularly on speed, packaging and flexibility. PowerSearch is fully integrated into FindandBook so every features works seamlessly with your current configuration.

Fast, accurate search results

PowerSearch is capable of delivering sub-second search results and highly accurate pricing which can build customer confidence and improve conversion and customer retention. The intelligent content caching used within PowerSearch is dynamic, responding to the volume of searches performed and increasing its update frequency as price differences are detected between search results and costing.

Complete control over packaging

Using a range of business and pricing rules, PowerSearch allows you to tailor the way in which content is packaged.

Manage unique promotions

Highly targeted promotions can be created as required using PowerSearch, helping you respond to changes in the marketplace and meet the needs of your customers. The promotions you create can also be distributed to price comparison sites for greater visibility and to access new markets.


For users that require the ability to perform extremely wide date range searches, PowerSearch can offer you a dedicated service which is specifically designed to support the load these wide searches place on hardware and software architectures.